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  1. Developer Advocate Stories - Alex Casalboni - AWS

    In this episode we have talked with Alex Casalboni, Developer Advocate at AWS, about his backround, what led him to the current role and things he can share about his day-to-day work-life. Finally, we have asked him for tips for beginner Developer Advocates. ...


  2. Developer Advocate Stories - Lauren Schaefer - MongoDB

    In this episode we have talked with Lauren Schaefer, Developer Advocate at MongoDB, about what led her to this career path, her day to day life and what expectations are there from Developer Advocates. We then asked her to tell us about one meaningful experience she had in her job, which ...


  3. Developer Advocate Stories - Guillermo Ruiz - Oracle

    In this episode, we talked with Guillermo Ruiz, Principal Product Manager - Cloud Infrastructure at Oracle. about his former carrier, his work with the community, the challenges building a global community, and a great story that changes the focus of his career. The books recommended by G: ...


  4. Developer Advocate Stories - Dotan Horovits -

    In this episode, we talked with Dotan Horovits, Product Evangelist, about his former carrier, his work with the community, and how he started his new job as Evangelist during COVID-19 and he managed his experience to start a great community project. ...


  5. Developer Advocate Stories - Julián David Duque - Heroku

    In this Episode we talked with Julián David Duque, Lead Developer Advocate @Heroku, about his start as a community leader in Colombia, his day 2 day job and how and why he was amazed when he flew to India ...